is a high­ly expe­ri­en­ced eco­no­mist reco­gnis­ed for his strong tech­ni­cal under­stan­ding of com­pe­ti­ti­on poli­cy.

Switz­er­land: Com­pe­ti­ti­on Eco­no­mists 2019

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Switz­er­land: Com­pe­ti­ti­on Eco­no­mists 2019
Janu­a­ry 2019

In this chap­ter we high­light four eco­no­mists for their out­stan­ding work hand­ling a ran­ge of anti­trust mat­ters inclu­ding M&A tran­sac­tions, ver­ti­cal restraint cases and regu­lato­ry com­pli­an­ce.

At Swiss Eco­no­mics, Chris­ti­an Jaag is “defi­ni­te­ly a bril­li­ant eco­no­mist to work with”, accord­ing to sources. They note he is “the stron­gest com­pe­ti­ti­on eco­no­mist in Switz­er­land” and enjoys “a very good repu­ta­ti­on” for his work in the field.

Mar­kus Sau­rer at Mar­kus Sau­rer Indus­tri­al Orga­ni­za­ti­on is “very impres­si­ve” accord­ing to respondents, one of whom notes, “If I have tri­cky cases I go to him.” He is prai­sed for his abi­li­ty to “sum­ma­ri­se very com­pli­ca­ted eco­no­mics theo­ries in a lan­guage that ever­y­bo­dy under­stands”.

At the Uni­ver­si­ty of St Gal­len, Ste­fan Bue­h­ler “cer­tain­ly is very strong in com­pe­ti­ti­on eco­no­mics” and is high­ly prai­sed by mar­ket sources for his gre­at aca­de­mic know­ledge of the area.
At the Gra­dua­te Insti­tu­te of Inter­na­tio­nal and Deve­lop­ment Stu­dies, Dami­en Neven is a wide­ly reco­gnis­ed figu­re in the Swiss mar­ket who is high­ly sought after for his deep know­ledge of com­pe­ti­ti­on poli­cy and eco­no­mics.

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